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Super Bored? Get These 7 Apps

The best apps to cure boredom you need to get.

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Today I'm going to tell you guys 7 apps that I always use
when I get bored.

1. Zombie Tsunami 👽👽👽👽
This one is my favorite one because it's really entertaining and cures boredom.

2. Subway Surfers 💦💦💦💦
This is also a great game that I always play when I'm bored. You basically have to escape from a grumpy inspector and his dog.

3. Instagram
I use Instagram all the time and It really helps you feel less bored. You see what are other people up to and share photos with your friends.

4. YouTube
On YouTube, you can watch millions of videos. I probably watched more than a million videos 😂.
You can watch series, vlogs, and funny videos and Is really entertaining.

5. Angry Birds
I really love this game. Especially the music and graphic. This game is addictive. You guys should definitely download it.

6. Snapchat
Snapchat is the ultimate behind the scenes app. You can see what celebrities are up to and share videos and snaps to your friends. 

7. Minecraft
This game is so fun to play. You basically build your own city and the updated version is much more fun and easy to play.

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