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Things We All Do But We Never Admit.

We all do these things! Especially number 7!πŸ˜‚

1. Pretending to be in a music video when listening to a sad song.

2. Feeling the need to cover ourselves with the bedsheets to be protected in case a monster comes in our bedroom.

3. Studying hard all day and then your mom comes in when you are taking a break and she sees you on the phone.

4. Trying to see when the light in the fridge turns off.

5. We can't find the same socks color so we wear two different colors.

6. We procrastinate when getting into the shower, but hate getting out once we’re in.

7. We spell out Wednesday like Wed-nes-day in our head when we’re writing it. Also Feb-ru-ary.

8. We set our alarm earlier than we need to so we can hit the snooze button several times.

9. We feel like there is a shark or a monster in the water whilst swimming.

10. We spend our time procrastinating because we think we can get things done the next day.

11. We lowkey hate it when a baby is crying but we don't say anything.

12. We smile at dogs when they walk past without acknowledging their owners.

13. We feel like we are in a Home Alone Movie when no one's home

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