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11 Hilarious Things You Do But No One Knows

Come on, We all do these stuff😂

1. You act like you are in a music video when a sad music is playing on the radio

2. You hate it when a baby is crying but you don't say anything.

3. Your face when someone gets your food.

4.  When you order something but you get something else

5. You accidentally send a screenshot to the wrong person and now you have to explain why you took a screenshot of your conversation

6. When The Water in the shower is too good to say goodbye.

7. You are about to sneeze and you don't have a tissue.

8. You realize the weekend is almost over.

9. When you check your phone and it says 10 missed calls from Mom.

10. Your face everytime your mom says she loves you in public.

11. When you forget a question on a test and then you realize it.

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