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4 Ridiculous Ways Celebrities Spent Money

We all know celebrities make tons of cash but you won't really expect them to spend their money in these ways

1. Kylie Jenner's Cliff-Top Mansion 

In May 2017, Kylie Jenner got a new $35 Million Dollar house. She didn't buy it. She is renting it for $125K a month. She reportedly also owns 3 other houses in Los Angeles. Her new home is more than 6,000 and has its own tennis court.

2. Taylor Swift's Leg Insurance

Taylor Swift, in March 2015 insured her legs for $40 million dollar.Wow. People when then going crazy on twitter whether it's true or not. If this is real then Taylor is really serious about having the perfect legs

3. Birdman Cars

Birdman bought a customized Bugatti Veyron in 2010 for $2.1 million dollars, and a year later he bought a Maybach Exelero for $8 million. 

4. The Bill Gates Palace
Bill Gate's $125 million dollar house has an estate-wide server system, a 18m swimming pool with an underwater music system, a 230m2 gym, a 93m2 dining room, heated floors and driveways

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