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How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is really important. If you cannot love yourself you will not be able to love anyone else and your life will eventually become miserable and sad.

You should be filled with self-confidence and happiness and that is achievable only if you love and appreciate yourself.

Accept your flaws.
Nobody's perfect. Sounds cliche right? But it's real! Nobody's perfect. Even the ones that look good and seem to have a perfect life, guess what? They don't! They have insecurities too. But insecurities make you strong and unique. Celebrities, Presidents and Models, they all have some flaws whether you can see them or not. 

You are too blessed.
Reading this article means you have a wifi connection, a laptop or mobile device, you have your vision to read this(some people don't!)Think about all the things that you or your parents worked hard to get. Some people can't even work. Think about all the blessings you have you take for granted every single day that some other people dream of having. Take a moment every day to count 10 things you are grateful for. You'll see a big difference immediately.

Life is a movie.
An average human being lives around 80 years. Not loving yourself wastes your time doing nothing because if you don't love yourself you can't dream, live or enjoy life. It's a decision. Make it. Love yourself.

Look for the good.
Okay, so you and I and everyone else has certain flaws, but you have good qualities too. Searching or clicking for this article means that you want to change and that's important! It's a first big step. Look for all the good things that you have, you may be great at work, you may have nice hair, you may have good friends. Look for all these stuff that make you a better person.

Give Love 
Love is like a chain. Each piece of the chain holds the other one. If one piece breaks then there's no chain. Now, replace the word 'chain' with the word 'love'. Doesn't make sense, whatever! The point is that if you do not give love you cannot expect to have love in your life and that includes loving yourself. Giving love is easy and can be done in many ways. Being kind is giving love, helping others is giving love, talking nice about others is giving love. Being rude is not, Being jealous, ungrateful or upset is not LOVE!

The one and only
Did I mention that there is no other human being that is exactly the same as you? In fact, scientists said that there are 8 or 9 people in the world that look like you and there is a 0,00001% (I guess) chance for you to see one of them. They look like you but they are not just like you on the inside. You are unique and you deserve to be happy!

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