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How to Get a Celebrity To Follow You On Instagram

This has never been easier to do.

We all at some point wanted a famous person to notice us or follow us on social media. This list will help you get a celebrity to notice you and follow you on Instagram.

1. Be active.
Celebrities tend to check fan accounts more. Create a fan account and like all their posts and comment all the time. Turn their notifications on and be the first to like and comment on their photos.

2. Support them.
When they release new merch, new songs or new blog posts, share them. tell everyone to share them or buy their merch or songs too. Famous people appreciate their supporters.

3. Spam them.
Comment on their photos all the time when they are more likely to be active. Usually after posting a photo. Like their photos and then unlike them and like them again. You are more likely to show up in their notifications

4. Meet them.
Going on a meet and greet and asking them to follow you will make things even easier because they will want to follow you back, after meeting you and talking to you.

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