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How to Make New Friends

A simple guide to help you make new friends.

Going back to school may not be as easy as parents might think. Kids are exposed to an environment that may be full of love or full of racism. 

Having friends is vital for a kid's mental and physical health. Every teen deserves a good friendship.

1. Be Approachable
You should be always smiling and be positive if you want people to talk to you. You can't go to school with a bad mood or attitude and expect to make new friends. No one is going to like you if you do that.

2. Be Social

If you successfully completed step 1 but no one's wants to be friends with you yet, move to step 2! 
Talk to people first. Ask them about their life. Ask questions like "Do you have any pets?", "When's your birthday?". Make the first step and it's unlikely that you won't be friends with someone by the end of the conversation.

3. Accept others
You should accept others the way they are and don't expect them to change. This tip will help you in the beginning of a new friendship as well as during a friendship. Never expect anyone to change. That's impossible to do. Only if they decide to, they can change themselves. But you can't tell them what to do or how to do it.

4. Be Supportive
A true friendship should be real from both sides. If you don't want your friend to succeed then you are not a true friend. If you feel hurt when your friend gets a better grade than you or when they win a medal, you are not a real friend. Always be supportive. Be sure to suggest improvements.

5. Avoid Negativity.
If your friendship is toxic and makes you feel bad, end the friendship. You don't have to let other people affect your life in a negative way and you SHOULD NOT do it.

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