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How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

This is the way to take a screenshot on a windows device.

1. Press CTRL+ Prtsc.
First press the Ctrl button on your keyboard. It's usually located in the left bottom corner but it may be somewhere else depending on your computer's model. Keep the Ctrl button pressed and then click the PrtSc button. The screenshot is now taken but you have to follow the next steps to get your screenshot image.

2. Open Paint.
Open Paint, If you can't find it search in your files. All windows devices are equipped with Paint.

3. Press CTRL+V to paste the screenshot
Go to Paint and click ctrl+ v. your screenshot should appear immediately.

4. Crop it/edit it(optional)

5. Click file, save as, choose JPEG or PNG.
I usually choose JPEG.

6. Select a file where you want to save the screenshot


Your screenshot is now in the file you saved it in and you can use it as an image anywhere.

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