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The Easy Way to Become Famous

This guide will teach you the real and easy way to become famous.

Many people's dream is to become famous and rich. Being famous means having millions of fans that admire or like something you do, for example, your music.

1. Set up Social Media Accounts.

Set up your social media accounts. find a handle name that is available in all social media that you will be active on. Make sure to add a professional close-up picture of you and make your feed happy, positive and approachable.

2. Follow People.
Follow tons of people until you reach lets say, 2,000 followers. That will help you get a good fan base so you can expand it even more. Follow people and unfollow everyone and then follow people again. It might be annoying and some of them might unfollow you back but it's definitely worth it

3. Go Viral.
Post something stupid, offensive, goofy, or funny or all 4 together. Try filming yourself or try to post something directly to your account. You have to get people's attention so they'll get to know who you are. If you try something but it didn't work, make sure to try again. Never, ever quit. Keep trying.

4. Make friends

It's really important to have friends who are trying to/ or are already famous. You need to support each other and tag each other so you can exchange followers. If you don't have any friends who want to become famous, you can make some new friends. Be nice and tweet people you think they might be a good friend.

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