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How to Make 1 Million Dollars Before You Turn 18

1 Million Dollars!! Sounds a lot, but it's not. If you want to make a million dollars before you turn 18, this blog post's for you. Welcome.

The only thing you have to remember along the way, yet the most important is to work hard and never give up.

1. Become a celebrity.

You are probably wondering what the hell am I talking about? And you're right, well you're not. Most Celebrities make more than a million dollars a month. 
But How do I become a celebrity? Good question. If you have a talent like singing, doing comedy or whatever you should use that talent. Upload a funny video or a video where you sing your favorite song. 
Make sure to create high-quality videos because if you're not then people won't watch your videos. You can learn more on how to become a celebrity: click HERE.

2. Start a business.
World's largest and most successful companies started from teenagers who eventually grew their businesses and made millions.
Remember, money should not be the goal. It's just what motivates you to work harder. You can start many businesses for free. A good idea for teens is to start an eBay business. Start selling things on eBay that you buy at a cheaper price. You can sell phone cases, clothing etc. 
You can tell people that you can sell their stuff and you can add an extra price to their stuff so you can make money off of them. For example, your friend tells you to help him sell his laptop for 250$. You sell the laptop for 275$ and you make 25$ out of nothing.

3. Start a blog

Select a niche and start your own blog. There are tons of websites where you can create a blog for free. Make sure to post 10-12 blog posts per week for faster results. Your content should be professional and high quality. Make sure to sign up for an advertising company like AdSense so you can make money from displaying ads on your blog.

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