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7 Guaranteed Easy Ways to Always Get A 20 On Tests

Back to school. Time for fun. Just kidding. I know exactly how you feel. 
These steps will help you always get a 20 on tests easily.

1. Do your homework.
As soon as you go home spend 30 minutes to 45 minutes to do your homework. Doing so will help you understand the things that will later be on the test so you won't need to study a lot for that test.

2. Be active in class.
Take notes and ask questions. You don't want to go home without understanding something. That can save you a lot of time later. 

3. Stay focused.
Stop wasting your time on things that don't matter and actually do your homework every day as soon as you go home. Stop procrastinating and focus on your homework.

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4. Time to study!
The teacher announces that you have a test in a few days and you need to prepare for the test. You need to start studying early. Don't study 1 day before the test. Give yourself enough time to study.

5. Don't listen to others.

We all know those annoying kids who always get anxious before tests and spread their anxiety everywhere. Relax. It's just a test. It will most likely have no impact in your life at all. Take it easy, try your best and the results will be better than you expect them to be. Don't listen to what others say about the test or things like "we're gonna fail" etc.

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6. Study smarter.
It's important that you understand what you need to know for the test. Make a list of the things that will be on the test and start studying them one by one. Take the time to fully understand what you are currently studying before moving to the next bullet on your list. Another great tip is to start studying for the test the same day the teacher announces it to you. 

7. Don't panic.
It's time for the test and now you are ready.*i hope so. You should eat a breakfast in the morning to feel energized and have a clearer mind. Get in the classroom early and relax. Do your best and that's all. If you followed these steps you'll most likely end up with a 20. If you don't please don't kill me.

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