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7 Ways to Keep Your Room Clean Without Any Effort

Keeping your room clean may seem impossible to many people but it's actually pretty easy and simple. We will help you keep your room clean without even trying.

1. Clean daily.

Don't let things get too messy before you decide to finally clean your room. For example, You just took a shower and your dirty laundry is on the floor. NO. Take the laundry to the laundry basket. You don't want any clothing on the floor. Don't leave any plates or cups after you drink or eat something in your room.

2. Take care of your garbage.

Try to take your garbage out as soon as the trash can is full. A good suggestion would be approximately once a week. This will really keep your room clean.

3. Clean up your desk.

Desks are usually where the whole messy situation begins because that's where you spend the most time doing things. You study, work, use the computer etc. It can easily get dirty. Keep everything organized and put everything back in its place.

4. Clean your windows and mirrors once a month.

Dust blocks sunlight and doesn't look nice. Take 5 minutes a month and clean them with a clothing and a window cleaner spray. This will also eliminate the dust in your room's air.

5. Clean the floor once a week.

Mop the floor frequently. The floor is full of dust and dirt which makes you vulnerable to various diseases and allergies like asthma. It also makes the room smell bad.

6. Change your bed sheets every 2 weeks.

Bedsheets collect dust and dirt. You spend 8-9 hours a day in your bed so if it's a dirty place you'll end up smelling bad or you'll start getting acne. 

7. Keep everything in place.

Put everything back in its place after using it. Don't leave your things all over the place. It happens all the time.

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