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5 Legit Ways To Make Money Fast

Need a little extra income ASAP? This guide will tell you how to do it. These practices will definitely not be the best option for a long-term income but it's for sure the best option if you want money really fast.

1. Sell Your Stuff.
Look around the house. There are countless things that you don't even use. Put those things on eBay and sell them for free. This is one of the best options to do if you want to make money fast and also one of the easiest.
Examples of things you can sell:

  • Used Clothing
  • Your Old Phone
  • An Old Computer
  • Jewelry 

2. Start a dog walking.
This is the most fun job to do if you want to make money cause it doesn't really feel like a job. You can find 2-3 neighbors and ask them if they need dog walking. This will make you around $12 per hour and you can take 2 dogs each time so you can make $24 per hour. You can even take 3 dogs each time, no you can't. Unless you want 3 dogs running around and barking at people.

3. Fill out online surveys.
Many companies use surveys to get feedback from people and improve their sales. There are many websites that you can sign up and complete those surveys and get paid. It's easy to do and you can do it anytime from home without even moving.
You can search and find some places to complete surveys and get paid on google but it's better not to fill out any personal details or pay a fee to sign up.

4. Become a babysitter.

Baby sitting is one good option to make money. It pays great but you need to be professional and keep the babies happy.
Find moms who want someone to look after their kids and tell them you can do it for them.
Babysitting Pays around $13 an hour and you can babysit many babies at the same time. Let's say you'll babysit 5 babies for 4 hours
That will be 5 babies* 13 dollars per hour * 4 hours=260 dollars. That's a lot of money.

5. Find a part-time job
Cafes or restaurants usually want their staff to work part-time and that's great for you because you can work a few hours per day and still make money. It's great and you will make around $10 per hour. Do a little research and find a job that pays more. Part time jobs may even pay you up to $20 per hour. 

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