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This is Why 99% of Your Friends are Fake

We all have friends or we think we do but what really makes a good real friend? Why are most of your friends fake? What you can do about it? Find out.

1. People care about you but not enough.
Everyone wants you to be happy and rich and successful as long as that success or happiness isn't better or greater than theirs. It has happened to many people. Most friends really want you to succeed and be happy but if you reach a higher level or happiness or success than them, you're in trouble. They will try to take your shine to look better. They will talk negative things behind your back about you. They start finding excuses to not being around you cause they know they are doing something wrong.

2. Most friendships are egoistic.
You are friends with someone because they make you happy. You care about your happiness that's why you hang out with them. That's not real friendship love. Most of us do it. 

3. People are mean.
People will be nice and lovely and everything will be full of rainbows until the first storm hits. Then most people quit your life. Relax. Don't Panic. Let them leave. It's normal. People don't care about you to solve any issues that occur so that's why they'd rather distant themselves from you. Even if you are close with them because you work together or go to school together, things will not be the same.

4. You are fake too.
If you wonder why people are so fake with you and why they talk shit behind your back then it's time to ask yourself if everything you do is right. We all make mistakes. It's normal. We just have to not make the same mistakes again. They say treat people the way you want to be treated and that comes from the law of attraction. What you do will come back to you. If you are fake people will be fake to you too. It's just how things work whether you like it or not.

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