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What You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

The most real guide to never give up.

Most of us have a goal or a couple of goals that we really want to achieve. It's all good in the beginning but It won't be all sunshine at all times and that's fine.

If you're reading this it's because you feel like giving up your goal.
I want you to take a minute and ask yourself why? Why do you want to give up?

1. Remember Why You Started.
This is the most important thing to do like giving up because you force yourself to remember the reason it all started. What made you start working on this goal?

2. No failure means no success.
This is something that people don't really take seriously so they end up giving up their goals or/and dreams. 99% of all the successful people in the world failed countless times before reaching success. That's what will happen to you, many times. If you choose to NOT give up there's no way you won't succeed.

3.It's okay to feel like this.
Let's say, for example, you just started a new business and it's not going as planned. You lost tons of cash and you are in debt. What do you do? Most of us will say just close the business. But if you really care about your business you will find a way to pay the debt and find new ways to generate revenue again. This will not happen if you don't follow step (4) four.

4. Positivity is everything. 

In order to achieve anything in life, you HAVE to be positive. But how am I going to be positive if nothing good has happened? This is most of y'all are now wondering and that's a good question. The answer is to count your blessings. This is the way to switch from negative to positive in a few minutes. You have tons of things to be grateful for. You have a wifi, you have a house, you have food. We take these things for granted and we end up in the chaos of negativity. Click here to learn how to be positive: Coming soon

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