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10 Reasons to Visit Sweden This Winter

Sweden is one of the most beautiful and prosperous countries in the world. Visiting Sweden This Winter is a MUST.

1. Nature
Sweden is a nature-lover's paradise. It has over 100,000 lakes, many beautiful mountain ranges, forests, fields and much more. You can see the northern lights here which is a unique experience.

2. Sauna Paradise
Sweden is a good place to have a good sauna. There are literally everywhere in Sweden. Saunas are good for the soul and body.

3. Wild Reindeers
There are reindeers in Sweden, they are amazing. If you are traveling by car or train in the northern part you'll probably see some reindeers and you might even get blocked by them.

4. There are a lot of Castles in Sweden

5. Stockholm

The capital of sweden has many beautiful experiences and things to offer. There are canals, small islets and islands. Stockholm is full of rich history and culture and is a quiet city to visit.

6. Fresh drinkable water

The water from the rivers is drinkable and may even be better than Sweden's tap water. You should give it a try.

7. Mountains.
Sweden is a really mountainous country. It's tallest mountain is called Kebnekaise with a height of 2106 meters

8. Snow

Sweden is the perfect place to go if you like snow and cold weather. It's usually snowy during the winter months especially in the northern park.

9. Ice hotel
There is a ice hotel in Sweden. It is located in JukkasjÀrvi. It's really cool. Really.

10. Wild blueberries
Blueberries are known for their health benefits. There are wild blueberries in Sweden and you are allowed to pick them. Awesome.

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