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19 Hilarious First-World Problems Tweets

First World Problems are sometimes funny. Well, we found the funniest of them and we can't stop laughing. Twitter is full of First-World Problem Tweets. 

Here are some of them:

1. Using our hands is why hands are for. 

2. Mum's a boss.

3. How do you even rent a duck?

4. It's pomegrannoying.

5. How sad.

6. Mornings need to be jam-ful

7. WOW.

8. Guacamole is dangerous.

9. Oh, the names...

10. Can someone find me one?

11. Raining sucks.

12. The struggle is too big.

13. Please help???

14. Preparing for the winter...

15. That's how I always feel

16. Red wine is always a good idea

17. When there's only one restaurant in the town.

18. Sushi's my guilty pleasure...

19. ...and 'Bechemel' is always a struggle.

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