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23 Vegan Memes Only Vegans Can Relate To

Vegans are the only ones who can relate to every single one of these hilarious memes. 

1. Hot dogs are gross.

2. Veganism has side effects.

3. Vegan are not always thin...

4. But they love jokes.

5...and hate dumb questions.

6. Notice everything meat eaters do or say.

7. Take veganism seriously.

8... they know everything about veganism.

9. Oh, absolutely f***** not.

10. What people think of vegans.

11. Pandas are a vegan symbol

12. The same feeling, every time.

13. More questions for you, vegans.

14. You never run out of awkward family moments...

15. ...and rude jokes.

16. But can it still be called a beef? It's not vegan.

17. more awkward vegan moments.

18. The meat section sadness.

19. You always get happy when:

20. But, where do you get your protein from?

21. Your mum always thinks you don't eat real food.

22. Vegans are hated by everyone.

23. A vegan is always a real BOSS.

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