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3 Reasons to NOT Be A Straight A+ Student

Everyone says that you should study and have great grades but no one tells you why. We suggest you don't get all A's. Here's why. We got the proof.
The society tells us that we need to study hard to get into a college, study hard again and then get a job. It sounds cool, right? Not really.

1. Studying is stressful.
1 out of 3 students said that they are feeling emotionally stressed during their school life. It's a lot to handle. You have to consume tons of information on a daily basis when going to school and attending classes. Most kids forget what they learned just 2 days after a test or an exam. 

2. A paper does not guarantee a job.
You graduated from high school, you graduated from a college and know you are searching for a job. You found a job. Great! Many college graduates found it hard to find a job after finishing their studies. 

3. Life's short.
It makes no sense to study all day to finally get a job that may not even be fun to do. Many people said that they don't like their job. 

4. It doesn't matter.

What's a test? Really?! They just check how many things you remember of all those things you were being taught at school. They don't really test your intelligence or something.

If you will not be happy with a job that you will spend your entire life doing then you should NOT do it. Life's too short to be wasted. We don't say that if you actually like studying maths or physics you shouldn't, Of course you should study.

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