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3 Top Reasons You are Always So Tired

This is a feeling that most of us get on daily basis. We all feel tired. But Why? Good Question. Here's the answer.

This is Why You are Always so Tired.

1. You Never Sleep Enough.
Studies suggest that we sleep 8-9 hours per day. Most of us don't even sleep more than 6 or 7. That's bad news. Your body doesn't complete its necessary functions like muscle growth or tissue repair so you end up feeling tired the next day. The lack of sleep may result in serious medical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

What to Do?
Get enough sleep. Don't waste your time on your phone and read a book before going to bed to relax your eyes.

2. Anxiety and Overthinking.
This is something that will make you feel really tired if you don't control it. "Control your mind or it will control you", they say... and I agree. If you worry about things all the time and get anxious about stuff multiple times a day, you'll feel tired. First on an emotional level and then physically. Overthinking makes things seem worse than they actually are and it exhausts your brain and your body.

What to Do?
Stop worrying. Your happiness and health are the only things that are important. Everything else is quite pointless to worry about. 

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3. You never relax.
Another major cause of your tiredness might be your busy schedule. You are always so busy doing stuff. Studying, Working, Taking care of your kids. You never get rest so you end up feeling tired and a big lack of energy.

What to do?
Relax. Take one day per week to do nothing and enjoy yourself. Go out and have fun. Challenge yourself to not do anything for one day, each week.

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