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5 Simple Ways to Learn a Language in A Year or Less

Learning a new language can be hard for many. If you follow our simple steps you'll be able to improve your language skills A LOT in less than a year.

rupee on a dictionary

1. Surround yourself with that language.
You should literally surround yourself with that language. Try switching your phone to that language, listen to music or read dictionaries.

2. Speak.
Don't be afraid to speak. It's normal to make mistakes, you'll make many mistakes before being able to speak and write fluently a new language. If you are in a new country talk to locals.

3. Focus on grammar.
Learn how the structure of the language is and understand how certain words go with others to make a correct sentence.

4. Watch movies.
Watch movies or series in the language you want to learn, you can still have your native language's subtitles but pay attention to the words and how they are pronounced.

English Language Grammar

5. Memorize words and phrases.
This is something that any teacher or language expert would suggest. Get a notebook and write 10 phrases and 10 words per day and learn them. Practice them many times until you get used to using the word.

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