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7 Easiest Ways to Piss Off Someone

If you want to get someone mad at you, we've got you covered. These are the 7 easiest ways to piss off someone. 

1. Erase their phone.
Ask them to put their phone password for you to "call your mom" and go to settings and click factory reset/erase data. This will delete all their phone's files and data and will get them really pissed off at you.

2. Prank them. 
Pranking people is another good way to piss people off. Tell them to come over to your house and dress up with a scary costume and scare the sh** out of them. This will get them mad at you.

3. Don't show up on a date.
Ask your friend to go to the cinemas or anywhere else they might get excited to go to. Constantly tell them how much fun this date is going to be and schedule the date and don't show up. They will feel really angry.

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4. Write in their notebooks
Get their notebook and start writing random stuff in it. Draw stupid sh** like unicorns, hearts and d**ks and then put the notebook in their bag without them noticing. This will be a big surprise for them.

5. Spam their phone
Steal their phone and take 10,000 (ten thousand) selfies and random photos. This might be really annoying especially if they run out of storage.

6. Draw on their face.
Organise a sleepover with your friend or family member and talk to them until they fall asleep. Now Get a permanent board marker and draw stuff on their face. Be creative. You want to piss the f**k out of them. Don't let them see themselves in the mirror and tell them to go to the mall the next day. Now everyone will see their ridiculous face.

7. Throw water on them
Buy a small bottle of water and throw all the water all over them. Try doing it when there are many people around so you'll embarrass them. 

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