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7 Reasons to Visit Germany

Germany is the most populous European country. With over 80 million inhabitants, Germany is the richest and most advanced European country.

Here's why you should visit Germany.

1. Germany is a safe place to visit.
Germany is considered one of the safest places on the planet with the lowest crime rates throughout Europe. It's a great place to Not worry about having your personal belongings stolen.

2. It's a great place for family trips.
It's a great country for family travelling. There are many family friendly things to do and the most important thing is that it's actually safe as we said before.

3. The transportation is PERFECT.
Everything is on time and clean. They say the bus will leave at 9:01PM, It's gonna leave exactly on time. It's cheap to use the public transportation system which is suggested since it's really efficient.

4. Frankfurt...

5. and Munich.

6. It's cheap.
Hotels in Germany are usually Cheap. You can find great hotels at a reasonable price. The food is cheap too. The transportation's cheap too. It's a perfect country for budget holidays.

7. German Food.
Most German restaurants serve a huge plate full of food, instead of some decorated little morsel which is great cause you actually eat real food. 

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