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7 Smart Ways to Save Money Quickly as a Student

A student's life is expensive. The rent, tuition fees, social life, books and other fees seem like a nightmare for many students. There are some things to save money on that could really help you stop worrying about that stuff.

1. Save on electricity.
Stop keeping every light on, turn off your television and don't use air conditioning. It's simple.

2. Stop buying stuff.
You should stop wasting your money on useless stuff and start saving some money every day. You don't need a cool gadget for studying or a new phone case. Buy only food and anything that's REALLY important.

3. Don't go out
You should not go out every day or every week, it's important to keep a healthy social life but you should meet with friends at a house or go for a walk instead of going out for dinner or coffee.

4. Drink more water.
Drinking a glass of water before your lunch or dinner fills up your stomach so you'll need less food which means less money spent on food. 

5. Avoid taxis and bus.
Start walking and don't always use public transportation or a taxi to go somewhere. Use your feet instead. Not only does walking have great health benefits- it has financial benefits too. You'll save some money on transportation fees.

6. Get a part-time job
If it's possible, you should do it. Working at least once a week will give you some extra cash and make things easier for you. Remember to stay focused on your studies while working.

7. Look for discounts.
Check around the area and find the grocery store with the cheapest prices. This is the most important thing to do because you want to spend the least money possible. Spending less on grocery is a great way to start.

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