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Here's Why The Cool Kids will Become Loser Adults

Studies have found that kids who are 'cool' in school are more likely to have problems in later life. 

cool kids hanging out

Researchers have found that being a 'cool kid' might ruin your life later.

They found that teens and kids who acted cool at school were much more likely to struggle as an adult and were more likely to do drugs or drink too much alcohol. 'Cool Kids' are also more likely to take part in criminal activities.

Cool kids always try to find new ways to stay cool so they first try things like getting drunk, having s*x and smoking. 

They constantly have the need to get cooler and cooler to feel superior when they are around others. 

But it's actually ruining their life. The studies have found that these type of kids are much, much more likely to do drugs and become losers in adulthood. 

On the other hand, kids who weren't 'cool' in their teens are usually more happy and successful after finishing High School.

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