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How to Deal with Negativity

It's a nightmare to have negative people around you especially when you are a positive person. It's hard to deal with negativity but this guide will make things easier.

1. Distant yourself.
If someone keeps being annoyingly negative all the time, you should avoid hanging with them or being around them. If you don't distant yourself they may affect you in a negative way and you'll start being negative too.

2. Ignore them.
Ignoring negativity is a great way to not waste your positive energy. It's really hard to do but once you get used to it you'll never want to take part in people's negativity again.

3. Don't be too supportive.
You should only encourage negative people when they do something that is positive. Don't encourage them when they are angry with someone. Distant yourself immediately and ignore their negativity.

4. Don't please them.
Just because you want to be nice and positive it doesn't mean that negative people should take advantage of you. If you notice that you are being taken for granted, confront them, or never help them again.

5. Don't take it personally.
If someone's rude or negative it's because of them, It's not your fault. Don't take people personally. Just smile and don't respond to their negativity. It will take their power and make them stop, temporarily. 

6. It's impossible to change them.
Negative people hate change. They want to do things their own way which is totally cool but they want to do things their own way without any improvements. They never seek new knowledge.

7. Get them on your side.
If you can't avoid negative people try to get them to support you and love you. It's not a really good idea but it's the best alternative if nothing of the other 6 steps works for you. Be nice to them even if you don't mean it. Agree with them at all times and just give them the satisfaction they need. Don't spend a lot of time with them though.

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