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Most Affordable Destinations That are Cheap Year-Round

We've found and collected the best holiday destinations you can visit without breaking your bank account.

1. Thailand
Thailand has always been a cheap destination. The plane tickets are the only thing that might be pricey when traveling there. It's got beautiful beaches and culture. The accommodation is cheap and the food is really affordable.
Actor in Bangkok, Thailand

2. Poland
Poland is the perfect place for Europe lovers who don't want to spend a fortune on their holidays. The cheapest city to visit according to travel agencies is Krakow where the hotels and flights are cheap. You can easily walk around the city or use the public transportation. They are both affordable and easy.
Krakow, Poland

3. South Africa
South Africa is a really beautiful face if you love safari or wild animals. Cape town is a beautiful city with cheap hotels. Flight Tickets to South Africa might be a bit expensive but it's worth a visit.
Cape Town Sunset

4. Cuba
Cuba has a lot to offer for travelers looking for something exotic. There are many exotic beaches and the accommodation is cheap. You can visit the beautiful Havana or get caught up in the July carnival of Santiago. Cuba is the perfect summer destination.
Havana, Cuba

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5. India
India has always been the ultimate destination for budget travellers. It's one of the few places where you can travel, stay and eat for so little. India is a country full of culture and history that you will be really excited to learn.
Taj Mahal Monument, India

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