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The Best Ways to Make Money Fast

There are many ways to make money fast. We found a few of them that might work the best for everyone.

1. Get a job
This is the most obvious way to make money fast. You should go to every single place near you and find the place that pays the most. Apply and start working there. You will make a lot of money.

2. Start a Youtube Channel
Youtubers are known for making a lot of money but it's actually a small percentage of them that is capable of keeping their fans entertained while making money for themselves. You should be funny, silly or beautiful. Do something dumb and go viral. Post 2-3 videos a week.

3. Drive for Uber or Lyft.
This is a great way to make money and you'll make a lot of it if you live in a place like New York, Los Angeles or London where many people use these services. You can work whenever you want. Rush hours make you the most money.

4.  Walk dogs. 
This job can make you around 20$ an hour. You can take 2 dogs at the same time for 30 minutes for 5 dollars each and then take 2 more dogs for a walk for 10 extra dollars. That's 20 dollars in an hour. You just need to keep your customers satisfied so they'll tell you to walk their dog again.

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