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The Realest Ways to Gain Social Media Attention

Wanna become famous? How 1 million followers sound to you? What about 10? These are the real ways to become famous.

1. Look nice.
You should have a nice body or face. If you don't have a nice face or body you should find your good angles so you'll look nice on pictures. It's easy as that.

2. Be active.
Create your social media profiles and start uploading content. People need to stay entertained. Keep posting 2 or 3 photos per day on instagram. Don't post more than 3 pictures per day. You should tweet all the time and let people know what you are doing. Share funny tweets with them. People love humor.  

3. Get connected.
You have to follow people to get your first followers to make it easier for you to grow your audience. Follow people and then unfollow them. Stop doing this once you reach 1,000 followers on each social media platform. 

4. Build a Parasocial Relationship.
A parasocial relationship is when you "know" someone but they don't know you. The Kardashians are Pros at this marketing tactic. Even when they promote products it feels like they are recommending those products to a friend. 

5. Be rude to people.
It sounds stupid but it's actually a good marketing tactic to gain followers and fans. Being rude to people on social media pisses them off and they start hating you. When people start hating you they'll tweet or comment on everything you post. That makes your posts more relevant to the platforms and they appear higher on Google and in follower's feed. That gives you extra followers.

6. Give people free stuff.
Imagine 10 kids wearing a t-shirt with your name and walking at school where more than 300 kids will see your name on that t-shirt. Giving away stuff to your followers is a great way to build your brand. You should #giveaway your contests and ask people to retweet or tag 3 friends. These posts can go viral resulting into thousands of followers.

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