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Top 5 Tips to Become Happier Now

These tips will help you become happier. They are pretty easy. Step #3 is the most important.

1. Fake it
If you fake your feels they'll eventually, often times really quickly, become real. If you are feeling down the best thing to do is to try to feel better. Control your thoughts. Think of something that you are really happy about or something that you are grateful for.

2. Stop complaining
If you keep complaining about everything, life will give you more things to complain about. Don't do it. Complaining often times doesn't even solve things. It just makes things worse. Just take a deep breath and go to step 1.

3. Exercise
Exercising is associated with the release of dopamine, which boosts your happiness. Try to exercise 2 times a week, it will make a big difference. It also makes your body look better.

4. Oh, Those Grudges
Stop holding grudges. It is actually hard to do, but you should not sacrifice your happiness because people do dumb things that may hurt you or bother you. Try to kindly address the issue or distant yourself from that person.

5. Count your blessings
We often times take things for granted. Our water, house, money, health. This is really bad and brings negativity into your life. You should make a list on a paper of 5 things you are grateful for at least once a week. You should be aware of your blessings throughout every single day and not take things for granted.

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