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19 Questions with Macy Kate

Macy Kate shares who her favorite artist is, when she started singing and talks about her secret talents.

1st Question: What year were you born?
1st Answer: 1998. So happy that I was a 90's baby. haha. 

2nd Question: What's your favorite movie?
2nd Answer: White Chicks. 

3rd Question: iPhone or Android?
3rd Answer: iPhone 100%.

4th Question: When did you start singing?
4th Answer: I started singing and humming around at the age of 5 but really starting to take it seriously at 12. I played the piano as a hobby and then got pretty serious with it and was classically trained. The piano helped me with singing as I could hear notes in my head from the keys.

5th Question: Favorite Food?
5th Answer: Tacossss!! 

6th Question: What artist would you like to collab with?
6th Answer: I have always dreamed of collaborating with Rihanna. She's my favorite artist. Not only in music but also as a businesswoman. I love how she's created such a powerful empire. I really admire what she's accomplished with her fashion brand and makeup brands.  

7th Question: Heels or Flats?
7th Answer: Ooooh... I love both.. I can't decide!!

8th Question: Dogs or Cats?
8th Answer: Dogs. 

9th Question: What's your favorite thing about yourself?
9th Answer: That I'm super independent and very 'to myself' at times. I like my 'me' time and who I have become today.

10th Question: What's your least favorite thing about yourself?
10th Answer: Overthinking. I overthink a lot and care too much about what others think of me and for how people are feeling.

11th Question: What's your favorite type of music?
11th Answer: R&B.

12th Question: How did you feel when a cover you did went viral?
12th Answer: I felt very much in shock. It's always a shock. I was like, "OMG. This many people are watching me sing?" haha. I'm just glad my music can be passed around to so many people.

13th Question: Favorite Song?
13th Answer: Woke The F*ck Up by Jon Bellion. It has such a strong message.

14th Question: Favorite solo artist?
14th Answer: Right now, SZA. I think she's killing it.

15th Question: Describe Yourself in 3 words.
15th Answer: Loyal, generous, and loving.

16th Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
16th Answer: Hopefully having a successful song on the charts, some platinum records would be nice, doing what I love which is touring and in the studio. Having a fashion line, makeup line. Being surrounded by good people.

17th Question: What's the last movie that made you laugh?
17th Answer: S*x and the City because I always compare Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha to my group of girl friends and it's so funny because our personalities are exactly like theirs! 

18th Question: What scares you the most?
18th Answer: Dishonesty. I hate when people lie. Thats actually what my new single "Property" is mainly about. Being in a mentally abusive first relationship that had so much lying about so many things has really scarred me for life. 
I know that sounds dramatic but its very true. I now have a huge guard up and struggle to let anyone I don't know into my life... Being cheated on, lied to, and manipulated the way that I was really messed with my mind and took a toll on me. 
Now I'm a very careful and a closed off person. Dishonesty has always scarred me and forever will. 

19th Question: Do you have any secret talents?
19th Answer: I can't really keep anything secret, haha. All my talents are pretty out there! I guess that I can swim really fast. I was a competitive swimmer growing up. 

Macy Kate's first single comes out this Friday 13th October.

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