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How to Control Your Anger in 5 Simple Steps

Dealing with anger is a tough job. It's actually easier said than done. It's just a part of life. This guide will teach you how to deal with anger.

1. Recognize why you are angry
Take a moment and ask yourself  'Why Am I angry?', 'Is it worth it?'. Ask yourself if the reason you are angry will matter in 1 day, 1 year, 10 years. It'll probably won't last more than a couple of hours.

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2. Don't stress over everything
It can be dangerous to get stressed while you are angry. You can make stupid decisions that you'll regret doing immediately. Just go to your bed and sit. Don't throw stuff, don't call or text people while angry.

3. Count to 10
Counting to ten can distract your brain and help you forget the reason you are angry. The hardest part is getting started but once you start counting to 10 you'll be so happy you did.

4. You can't control things
Did your boss speak rudely to you? He might just lose a lot of money. Did your classmate just make a racist comment about your clothes? She is probably struggling with self-confidence. The point is, you cannot control how others behave. Nor can you change their behavior. All you gotta do is to ignore them and stay positive.

5. It doesn't matter.
Let's be real. NOTHING will change when you are angry. You are just ruining your mood if not everyone's mood. Your life is too short to stress over things that won't even matter in a few hours. Relax. Talking about it is the key. Find a friend and tell them what you are going through.

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