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What Happens When You Start Counting Your Blessings

We all take things for granted all the time. Our food, house, money, health, family and friends. All of these things are things that we should regularly think of and give thanks for having them.

It sounds crazy but your life can really turn around when you start counting your blessings.

Here's what happens when you start counting your blessings. 

1. Your health improves
Immediately after giving thanks for your good, or bad health, the universe will do anything possible to give you more reasons to be thankful about your health. It will improve your health and any illnesses will disappear from your body.

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2. Your mood improves
This is the most important thing that will happen shortly after you start counting your blessings. It's true. If you are aware of your blessing you will feel an internal peace that you won't even be able to describe.

3. Your relationships will magically heal.
Any bad situations that might be going on in your relationships will be taken care of by the universe. All you have to do is to give thanks for having them even if they are not like you wish they were.

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4. Your money will skyrocket.
You always complain about not having enough money. Yes, yo do it. That's why 1% of the world's population is rich and wealthy. If you want to become one of them counting your blessings will help.

5. You feel lucky.
Lucky people are not lucky. It has been scientifically proven that luck does not exist. It's just a matter of positivity and energies. After you start counting your blessings you will notice that you get more and more opportunities that seemed impossible to even dream of before.

6. You are excited to live.
You will feel really happy and full of energy. You'll go to bed with a positive mindset and you'll wake up even more positive. It just goes on and on and you become more and more positive and happy.

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