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19 Questions With Mikey Fusco

Mikey Fusco shares who his celebrity crush is, his dream collab, and talks about stalking fans on social media.

1st Question: What Year Were You Born?
1st Answer: 1999 Baby

2nd Question: What's the one thing you can't live without?
2nd Answer: Music for sure. Listening to new stuff every day.

3rd Question: Do you play any sports?
3rd Answer: I played on all kind of sports teams growing up. My favorite was always basketball tho, my jumper isn't too bad haha.

4th Question: iPhone or Android?
4th Answer: iPhone all day.

5th Question: Twitter or Instagram?
5th Answer: Instagram keeps me scrolling for hours

6th Question: What's your favorite curse word?
6th Answer: Shit. Pretty Generic.

7th Question: Do you like your handwriting?
7th Answer: Nah, it's awful lol.

8th Question: Winter or Summer?
8th Answer: Summer no doubt

9th Question: Where were you born?
9th Answer: Brooklyn, NY

10th Question: Favorite artist?
10th Answer: Drake or Bryson Tiller.

11th Question: Who is your celebrity crush?
11th Answer: Ariana too fine.

12th Question: Who would like to collab with?
12th Answer: Blackbear would be sick. I feel like we have similar writing styles.

13th Question: Describe yourself in 3 words.
13th Answer: One Dope Individual.

14th Question: How tall are you?
14th Answer: 6'1

15th Question: Horror movies or comedies?
15th Answer: These are my two favorite genres but always down for a laugh.

16th Question: Do you ever stalk your fans on social media?
16th Answer: Yeah, sometimes haha.

17th Question: Do you play any instruments?
17th Answer: Guitar. Always wanted to learn piano.

18th Question: Do you ever get recognized outside?
18th Answer: Sometimes, nothing too crazy, if Y'all see me don't be shy.

19th Question: Favorite song?
19th Answer: Pills & Automobiles by Chris Brown.


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