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3 Kardashian Beauty Tips That Will Save Your Life

The Kardashians are said to be the queens of fashion and beauty. With over 500 million followers on social media, they can even sell out a beauty product in seconds. 

These are the best Kardashian beauty tips you should consider applying to your daily life.

1. Skip shampoo, sometimes.
Kim Kardashian West said that she washes her hair every two days. That's because washing your hair every single day can dry your hair out.

2. Eye Shadow is everything.
They all use eyeshadows every day and they do it perfectly. It makes your eyes look bigger and makes your face look more attractive and nice.

3. Don't go to bed with makeup on.
This is something that many girls skip but it's important to follow this rule. You should never leave your makeup on your face and go to bed. Doing so can result in early aging, acne, and even wrinkles.

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