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Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up

Trying to reach success is easier said than done. Success is really cool but 99% of people fail to succeed because they give up. Don't be one of them.

Here's a little motivation for when you feel like giving up. 

You are going to regret it.
Giving up seems to be the easy way out but that's not the case. Giving up on your dreams will be something you will soon regret doing because you won't be able to find out what could've happened 

You only live once.
Here's something that may or may not make you feel weird: You will never live this moment again. Nor will you ever live this day or even year, again. Don't waste the one opportunity you have.

Think why you started.
Take a moment and ask yourself why you started working on your dreams. Is it because you want to get a big house? Do you want to be the best actor in the world? Now get a scissor and cut that thought of success because it will never happen if you give up.

Things can only get better.
It's better to move slowly than to not move at all. This is a thing that you should always remind yourself. If you go just one step higher per day or per week, you will improve and you will then be able to go two steps higher and then three, and then a hundred. It's all about patience and hard work.

You need to do it
Nowadays, we have everything we need to achieve success, but most people don't. You don't want to be one of them because you will end up living a negative life full of regrets

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Try again, and again, and again.
This is one thing most people don't realize. They think that you can achieve something easily and effortlessly. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Most people quit before even trying. You have unlimited times to try again. As soon as you are alive nothing can stop you from being the successful person you want to be.


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