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This is Why You Should Always Be Positive

People let others control their happiness all of the time. Unfortunately, most of the time, people affect you negatively. 

You should consider being positive at all times and there is a specific reason.

1. It brings more positivity
The law of attraction says like attracts like, so when you are negative you attract more negativity. The same happens when you are positive. You attract more positivity.

2. Your health improves, a lot.
Stressing out about everything and blaming everyone for your miserable life is NOT ok. You should always remember that it's impossible to control everything. Just take things easy. Your health actually improves a lot if you are positive. In fact, stress is related to health issues including heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

3. You already know 
You have seen, many times before how a negative attitude affects people's life. Just think of a negative person you know and think how their life is. Is it good? Is it at least decent? Probably not. 
It's stupid to do the same mistake as that negative person. Always choose to see the good in everything.

4. You will succeed
Positive people are, in most cases, successful people. They have a clearer vision and a better mindset. On the other hand, negative people complain about their life and others. They never achieve things in life because you can't have much positivity in your life when you are constantly negative. Positive people believe in themselves so they tend to be much more successful.

5. It feels f**king cool
There's no better feeling than being successful and positive. It's really hard to get out of a negative mindset but once you turn from positive to negative you won't wanna go back. 

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