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Why You Should Always Talk About Your Feelings

Not talking about how you feel can be really bad for you. You should always talk to others about your feelings and there are many reasons why.

It improves the situation
Sharing how you feel helps improve the situation. It's easy to not talk about your feelings especially if you are an introvert.  Talking about your feelings will make you feel better about the situation no matter how bad it is.

Makes things look clearer
It's a fact that talking about your feelings will make everything look easier and better. It gives you a clearer picture of the situation because we all overestimate the severity of a situation. It's normal. After talking to a friend or loved one, you'll feel much better.

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It will improve your relationship
Sharing your struggle with someone will make them feel better about you and your relationship with them. Showing trust by sharing your feelings with your friend or loved one will have multiple great effects on your relationship with that person.

Your health might regret it
Keeping every single feeling you have inside will create more problems. Some of them might even be serious. Scientists say not sharing your feelings may give you more stress, sleep deprivation, and can even result in depression

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