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The 5 Easiest Ways to Never Get Sick

We all seem to be getting sick all the time especially in the wintertime. These tips will help you never get sick again.

1. Wash your hands frequently
It's a fact. We all touch our face multiple times a day, this is actually a reason people get sick all the time. Your hands are full of bacteria that can sometimes be harmful. Washing your hands more will reduce those bacteria and will, therefore, keep you healthier.

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2. Eat Vegetables and Fruits
Fruits and veggies contain many vitamins that help strengthen our immune system which is the system that basically fights any diseases that come into your body and keeps you healthy. Most people have a weak immune system because foods nowadays lack the vital vitamins our body needs. Fruits contain tons of vitamin C which will fight most common cases of flu.

3. Exercise
Not only does exercising helps strengthen your immune system, but it contributes to weight loss and improves your self-image and confidence.

4. Be positive
Multiple researches show that happy people don't get sick often. It actually makes sense. The more happy and positive you are the less stressful your life is and your body functions better and you stay healthier.

5. Get enough sleep
Adequate sleep relieves stress and allows your body to recover from daily activities. 8 hours of sleep is suggested. It's important to sleep on a schedule and don't change that schedule all the time. (ex. Sleep at 11PM, wake up at 7AM every day). Sleeping too much can be harmful so make sure you just stick to the 8-hour sleep schedule

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