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5 Signs Your "Best Friend Forever" is Actually a "Fake F*cking Friend"

Friendships can get really complicated. Spotting a fake person is never easy especially when you don't know these tips.

Here's how to spot a fake friend:

1. They gossip
If your friend likes to talk sh*t to you about every single human being they probably do the same thing with you. You tell them something and they tell it to everyone else and you have no idea. They always tell you other people's secrets and tell you to not tell anyone. 

2. They always give you a hard time
Fake friends will usually make you feel bad for not being able to go on that movie night or a birthday. They love making you feel bad and it's a way of them trying to keep you in control. Don't be a fool.

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3. They lie 
If someone around you lies to you or other people and you know it, you should probably consider twice being around them. If someone treats a person a certain way they will treat you the same way too. If they lie to everybody, they'll do that to you, if they gossip about everyone to you they will gossip about you and that's a fact.

4. They never congratulate you
Fake friends are the type of people that want to be around you just to waste your time and to spend their time because nobody really likes them. These are the type of people that will never congratulate you or be proud of you as a normal, real friend would do. They always seem to belittle your success and make you feel like you still have a long way to go or that it's not a big deal.

5. They imitate you
Fake friends are usually really freaking jealous of you. They will do the same things as you do, buy the same clothes or even talk the same way you talk.

You deserve more than being surrounded by fake people. If these signs match any of your friends they are probably fake. It's better to just slowly exit their life.

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