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Why You Should Never Listen to Sad Songs

Sad songs are a common favorite music vibe. You listen to sad music when you're sad to feel better right? Nah.
Here's why listening to sad songs can be bad for you.

1. It makes things worse
So you just had a fight with your best friend and you go home and decide to listen to some music, sad music. The only thing this type of music can do to you is to put more negative or sad thoughts into your head and will eventually worsen the situation

2. It ruins your goals
Sad music can be relaxing sometimes but it's actually harmful for you especially if you have some goals you want to achieve. It can make you imagine the worst possible scenario and that will shape your reality.

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3. Sadness will ruin your mental health.
Listening to sad songs will for sure make you feel sadder. It will make you feel like you can actually 'relate' to that song but all it usually does is ruin your mindset. It will make you see things differently and that can sometimes even result in depression.

So what do I do?
It's okay to listen to sad music sometimes but it's not okay to always listen to depressing music. Put on a happy playlist on Youtube, Spotify or whatever service you use for your music and listen to that playlist for 10 minutes. The results will amaze you. Just try it. 

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