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19 Questions With Nikita Dragun

Social media influencer Nikita Dragun shares who her celebrity crush is, what her best beauty tip is and talks about her secret talents.

1st Question: What's your to-go drink at Starbucks?
1st Answer: Dirty Chai latte soy milk and one shot of espresso.

2nd Question: What's your favorite beauty product?
2nd Answer: My go-to is for SURE brow gel because I have really thick cunty brows.

3rd Question: Instagram or Twitter?
3rd Answer: Instagram.

4th Question: Lipstick or Lip Gloss?
4th Answer: Lip Gloss

5th Question: What beauty product you can't live without?
5th Answer: Foundation - full coverage and long wear for sure.

6th Question: Describe yourself in 3 words.
6th Answer: Horchata. Pussystunt. Wig.

7th Question: What's your favorite curse word?
7th Answer: I'll keep it G-Rated and say betch.

8th Question: Who is your celebrity crush?
8th Answer: Barbara Walters is literally SOOO sexy.

9th Question: What's your biggest achievement?
9th Answer: Passing my driver's license to get my official Nikita Dragun license! Ready to get stopped by ALL the police!

10th Question: What's one thing you regret doing?
10th Answer: I'm a no regrets kind of girl but I do regret overplucking my eyebrows in school.

11th Question: What do you wanna say to trans people?
11th Answer: I wanna say to my trans community: Stop looking for other people to accept you. Accept yourself and others will follow.

12th Question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
12th Answer: In 10 years, I'll be pregnant with Quadruplets with an alien from outer space.

13th Question: Do you have any secret talents?
13th Answer: I know how to flirt in every language.

14th Question: What's the weirdest thing you can do?
14th Answer: Take out my contacts with my long ass nails. Try that at 2AM!

15th Question: Who do you love the most?
15th Answer: Momma and Papa Dragun.

16th Question: What made you start YouTube?
16th Answer: I wanted to get off Facebook because my parents were more popular than me!

17th Question: Can you tell us your best beauty tip?
17th Answer: Dance by yourself for at least 30 minutes yelling at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself how beautiful you are.

18th Question: What do you wanna say to kids who are being bullied?
18th Answer: Don't be afraid or too embarrassed to ask for help.

19th Question: What's your dream YouTube collab?
19th Answer: Oprah Winfrey or Wendy Williams. Or the cast of Sesame Street.

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