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How Celebrities Keep Their Face Clean And How You Can Do It Too

Ever wondered how public figures like Kim Kardashian keep their face clean at all times? It's pretty simple.

1. Washing Face
It's important to wash your face multiple times a day so bacteria won't be able to get out of control and form pimples. Washing your face also removes oil which is another thing that contributes to acne formation. Visit your local pharmacy and ask for a soap for daily face washing and they'll probably give you multiple options to choose from. Clean&Clear is a great one.

2. Don't touch.
Touching your face almost guarantees that there will be some kind of acne or blackheads after a couple days. It's a bad habit many people have but you should do it if you want to have a clear skin. Don't touch your face.

3. Do facials.
Go to an esthetician and book an appointment for a facial. It costs around $50 but it's totally worth it as it will get rid of most pimples, blackheads etc. If pimples or blackheads appear again after the facial, save some money and book another one until all of the pores are completely clean.

4. Check your diet
Eating saturated foods or fast foods will give you a temporary satisfaction as it tastes good and makes you feel good but that feeling won't last long. High-fat diets contribute to acne and poor skin. Make sure you eat at least 1 fruit per day and always eat a side salad with your meal. Be sure you are drinking enough water every day as it makes your skin look better.

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  1. Cool tips. but Isn’t kims face full of surgeries?