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How to Know If Your Partner is Cheating on You

Relationships can be tough especially when you feel like your partner is cheating on you. It can drive you crazy and result in a heartbreaking split.

Here's how to find out if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. They change passwords.
A partner who is real will never hide their phone from you even if it's about porn. But if your partner changes passwords all the time or does not tell you their password there might be something more going on. A relationship is supposed to be based on trust. If there's no trust there's no relationship. Ask them why they always change their passcode.

2. They don't want to have sex.
If your partner never wants to have sex with you there might be someone else doing the thing for you. This can be dangerous for your health too because the other person they're cheating with might have an STD. If you notice this might happening to try to prepare a romantic dinner for your partner and see if that fixes things, if not, confront them.

3. They leave when on phone.
If your wife or husband is cheating on you they are probably talking on the phone more than usual and they are doing it in a way that's obvious that they are cheating. That's because they are really trying to keep it a secret and it makes it more obvious. They walk away when their phone rings or go outside. They might even say it's about work. Ask them more about it. lol. 

4. They work too much.
A person who's cheating is always 'working'. They are busy attending meetings, job interviews and more of that stuff, or at least that's what they stay. We all know that if a partner says they work more than usual they are cheating on you. It happens 99% of the time. Ask them more about the job stuff, that will make them more desperate and might reveal the truth.


-Once a cheater, always a cheater.

-If a person cheated once and you decided to forgive them you probably did the wrong thing. A person who decides to disrespect you like that will most likely do it again. A person who really loves you won't do that. You deserve more than being a fool.

-Sometimes, it's better to not give second chances. People do make mistakes and that's fine! But, some people do mistakes because they know you are going to forgive them. Just kick them out of your life and don't even feel sorry about it.

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