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Is Success Impossible to Achieve?

Don't you hate it when working hard doesn't seem to bring any results? You actually might be doing something wrong most people also do.

Reaching a goal is actually a hard thing to do, cause if it was easy everyone would do it. Every single person on earth would have a Ferrari or a billion dollar company like eBay or Amazon.
Many view successful people as lucky or overnight successes but there are actually multiple studies that say 'luck' does not even exist. You are responsible for building your future and luck won't just magically step in and solve all your problems.

Most people will never reach their goals for a lot of reasons.

1. Hard Work is not the key
Ask 10 people how someone can succeed and 9 out of 10 will tell you to work hard. That's true but not 100%. Working smart is sometimes better than working hard. You need to always have time to learn new things, find new ways to do the same work in less time. You need to basically know as many things as possible about the subject you are working on whether it's music, business or sports.

2. Negativity won't result in any success.
Having a poor mindset not only will guarantee that you will fail but also brings in more negativity and misery in your life. It's fine, it will be hard but it's definitely worth it. You need to expect it to be hard and also keep in mind that it's supposed to be hard. After all, you need to have fun and be happy and that's the best way to succeed.

3. Watch out for your real friends.
Working hard to achieve your goals is going to be hard. This includes crying, losing friends, not going out, constantly wanting to give up. Most of your friends won't be happy at all when they find out that you are working on something big. It's sad but true. You will eventually find out who is real and who's just wasting your time. Once you start having big dreams and goals everybody wants to waste your time.

4. Focus, Focus, and Focus some more.
Keeping in mind WHY you started this journey will for sure come in handy especially on the days when you feel like giving up. It will happen, a lot. This is completely normal but you should not let it get to you. Set a timeframe and work daily. Focusing on what you want to succeed on will eventually make you an expert. Try new things all the time and improve your skills daily.

5. Money does not equal success.
I know many people who are literally sh*tting money but aren't happy or successful at all. Working to make money will ensure that you'll never succeed or make any money. Focus on what you are working on and fall in love with it. Be passionate. Be as creative as possible, there's always some space for your creativity in this world. Be positive and remind yourself to not give up since giving up is the main reason many people don't succeed.

Overall, No, succeeding is not impossible, you just need to follow these steps above which are essential when it comes to success whether it's related to sports, trading, vlogging or music.

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