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How to Focus On Studying For Final Exams

We've all been through exams. Ugh, they suck. You always find it really hard to focus and study and you end up studying just a few days before the exam and that affects your overall performance and potential. 

Yes sir, you ain't dumb. You just don't know how to study properly for your exams and you end up rushing and feeling all type of negative ways. Here's how to focus during finals.

1. Turn off all devices.
Your phone and laptop are great tools to connect with family, friends, socialize and meet new people but they can also be addictive. Most young teenagers or college students are actually addicted to their phones. Constantly checking your phone or notifications. Does it sound familiar? Set your boundaries and turn all devices for 2 or 3 hours per day for 1 month before your exams. There's no way you will not be able to study and do well by doing so.

2. Stop procrastinating.
It's widely known that many people don't get work done because they are too busy wasting their time. Whether it's constantly checking their phones, finding it hard to get comfortable and start studying, procrastination happens to everyone, it's not just you.
The main key to stopping procrastinating is to actually start studying. Start with small tasks such as writing notes or underlining the important stuff in your book. This will kickstart your focusing and will enable you actually start studying and revising things.

3. You won't do it tomorrow.
You, I and everyone else loves leaving their tasks for tomorrow then end up never completing them. We all think for some mysterious reason that tomorrow will be the perfect day to study or to work so we leave things for the next day and hang out or procrastinate instead. Start now. The same small task rule applies here, starting with the smallest tasks will inspire you to keep on studying. This is probably because our brains don't like change so if you force yourself to start studying you will be too bored to stop studying.

4. Stay positive
Think how easy the test is going to be instead of stressing out about how hard it's gonna be. Having a positive mindset during exams will for sure help you focus more and be extra productive and efficient. Wake up early, eat breakfast, go for a walk instead of wasting your time on your phone and then you'll have plenty of time to study!

Good luck:)

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