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Morning And Night Showers, Which One Is Better?

Approximately 67% of Americans prefer showering in the evening while the other 33 percent think taking a shower in the morning is better. But Which is Actually Better?

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Morning Shower Benefits:
Taking showers as soon as you wake up is good for you in multiple ways. Morning Showers Improve your blood circulation, relax your mind especially if you are a type of person who worries about the day and getting things done, Morning showers balance your skin natural oil levels and have a positive effect in acne treatment,
Last but not least, a morning shower will wash away all the toxins and sweat that is naturally released when you are sleeping.

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Night Shower Benefits:
An evening shower is perfect if you want to improve your sleep quality, it's also great for those who have allergies like dust or pollution as it washes all allergens trapped in your skin or hair. 
On top of that, a night shower will keep your bed clean as you don't transfer any germs or dirt in your sheets, so you'll end up saving money on electricity and water that you'd need if you had dirty sheets more often.

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Overall, Both shower schedules have their ups and downs so it's hard to choose which one's better. It's more efficient and logical to take night showers if you want to save some extra money and sleep better. Morning showers are for those who want to relax and wake up in a positive mood to go through the day clean and fresh.

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