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19 Questions with Charles Gitnick

Charles Gitnick shares his favorite city he's been on Tour and tells us who is the last person he texted!

1st Question: What's a hobby you'll never give up?
1st Answer: Painting.

2nd Question: What's one thing you want to say to your 575K followers?
2nd Answer: Thank you for being a part of this family and supportive.

3rd Question: What's a pet peeve that you have?
3rd Answer: Being Unproductive.

4th Question: What's your biggest fear?
4th Answer: Drowning, falling off a huge building.

5th Question: What year were you born?
5th Answer: 2002.

6th Question: What's your favorite candy?
6th Answer: Watermelon Sour Patch

7th Question: One thing you can't live without?
7th Answer: My phone.

8th Question: What's the best part of going on tour?
8th Answer: Meeting the supporters.

9th Question: What's your favorite song currently? 
9th Answer: Lucid Dreams.

10th Question: What's your favorite city you visited on tour?
10th Answer: Melbourne and Brisbane.

11th Question: Who's your celebrity crush?
11th Answer: Margot Robbie.

12th Question: What's a country you'd love to go?
12th Answer: Fiji and Bora-Bora.

13th Question: Favorite beverage?
13th Answer: Root beer.

14th Question: Favorite food?
14th Answer: Sandwiches or Cheeseburgers.

15th Question: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
15th Answer: Teleportation.

16th Question: What's your favorite color?
16th Answer: White and Blue.

17th Question: Who's the last person you texted?
17th Answer: My best friend Joey Birlem.

18th Question: Twitter or Instagram?
18th Answer: Instagram 100%

19th Question: iPhone X or Android?
19th Answer: iPhone X.

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