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3 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming Famous

In today's society, becoming popular through social media has not been easier. People often times forget the price you pay for fame and you don't even pay it with real money.

Nicki Minaj at her recent Beats1 Interview

If you go to Instagram and create stupid videos and have the right people share them you'll most likely end up with hundreds of thousands of followers and countless comments.

Here are 3 things you need to know before you become Famous:

1. Forget your privacy.
Whatever you say or do on social media or in real life is under a microscope of online trolls and random people who sit all day on their phones and wait for their next target. Many celebrities are stepping back from social media for that reason including Selena Gomez, Beyonce and many more. Privacy in real life doesn't exist either when you're famous because some fake people close to you may decide to leak or expose your weak moments or something that'll give you negative feedback.

Bhadbhabie at a photoshoot

2. Friends do not exist.
Everyone surrounding you when you're famous is there to take something from you and it's a fact that famous people/celebrities have no friends at all. Just business partners. If you had 5 friends before fame you'll be left with one or two and it's always harder to trust people. People will approach you to get fame from you and then leave you.

3. The internet controls you.
When you post something on social media or on the blog you need to make sure the audience that's watching or reading what you shared won't be offended by it, and people get offended pretty easily online. The smallest detail will automatically get a group of people offended and they'll spam you until you change it. People were recently bullying Justin Bieber for having longer hair than usual. Internet comments literally control your decisions and life when you're famous.

Justin Bieber at the Grammys

With that being said, fame is not necessarily a bad thing but it's clearly not for everyone. Some people simply can't handle that much pressure all at once. If you can't handle negative critics or comments, or people making fun of your looks, don't even give it a try because it may end up to anxiety or depression.


  1. great post but the nicki minaj thumbnail dont make sense

  2. For me personally

    No it's not wrong

    But its not wise either.

    You won't have no privacy anymore or anywhere. Less people for you to really trust and harder to tell which ones really have your back.

  3. i feel like the celebrities in the images are all miserable their faces look sad. now thanks!! i still have my job so i dont need fame

    1. They have more money than you will ever have how are they sad

  4. Justin's long hair was ugly though lmao

  5. this blog is really underrated your content is great

  6. Being a celebrity stunts your social life and, as having a strong intimate circle of trusted friends is essential to human happiness, becoming a celebrity deprives you of this, leaving it very difficult to be happy.

  7. Most of those celebrities are introverts and just wanted to showcase their talent. They never wanted the fame, the public attention. Hence, when they are suddenly surrounded by people they don't know about and are questioned through every walk of life. They get into depression.

  8. The Kardashians seem miserable to me none of the girls can't have normal relationships. Kim with her billions of exes, Khloe with tristan cheating on her, kourtney who dates a 20 year old boy, wtf. Oh and rob who is still missing after the blac chyna drama. such a dysfunctional family. fame doesn't buy happiness they just hide their misery and depressing life really well probably