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19 Questions With Joey Tierney

Fashion stylist Joey Tierney names Britney Spears her favorite person to work with, what happiness means for her and tells us who makes her laugh the most.

1st Question: What's your favorite thing to do on a day off?

1st Answer: When do I have a day off? haha.

2nd Question: What's the coolest thing about being a stylist?

2nd Answer: EVERYTHING NEXT SEASON. We are basically time travelers.

3rd Question: What's the least cool thing about being a stylist?

3rd Answer: All the chic parties. They are horrible. Just kidding.

4th Question: Describe your life in 3 words:

4th Answer: The Good Times are Killing Me. Oops, that's six.

5th Question: What's your biggest achievement?

5th Answer: My son James

6th Question: If you could travel to any planet where would you travel to?

6th Answer: Venus.

7th Question: Favorite song?

7th Answer: That's like picking one pair of shoes...Impossible!

8th Question: Last gift you gave a friend?

8th Answer: A Vintage Yves Saint Laurent fuchsia snake print high rise flared silk trousers. It's all in the details.

9th Question: Who is the most fun celebrity to work with?

9th Answer: I guess If I had to choose the most fun celebrity I've worked with it would have to be Britney Spears.

10th Question: If your life had a title what would the title be?

10th Answer: Optimistic Persistence

11th Question: Do you have any pets? 

11th Answer: Three dogs. A chihuahua that is 105 years old, a white french bulldog and a psychotic Pomeranian.

12th Question: What angers you the most?

12th Answer: Mean Girls.

13th Question: What does happiness mean to you?

13th Answer: Being with my family.

14th Question: Dogs or Cats?

14th Answer: I really love them both.

15th Question: Where were you born?

15th Answer: Orange County.

16th Question: What's the first thing you notice about people?

16th Answer: What they are wearing. Standard fashion stylist answer.

17th Question: Dusks or Dawns?

17th Answer: Dawns.

18th Question: Who makes you laugh no matter what?

18th Answer: My oldest brother. We laugh so hard we cry.

19th Question: Summer or Winter?

19th Answer: Summer. Always.

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